“The Greatest Transformation of Wealth Since World War II…”
How you can “cash-in” on what Forbes is calling...
“The FOURTH Industrial Revolution” 
Former "Dead-Broke" college dropouts are ALREADY making over Six-Figures a month since this opportunity surfaced…
A One-In-Every-Three Generations Economic Occurrence
Warning: (Viewer description is advised)
You just heard in the video above, Dan Peña the $50 Billion man warn you about the greatest transformation of wealth since World War II. 

Which means becoming financially independent just got a whole lot easier for you. $3.4 Trillion easier, as you'll soon be learning... 

My name is Tanner Planes and 347 of my students are already taking advantage of this massive wealth shift from our laptops by running our own e-commence drop-shipping stores. 

This year we're going to generate over $10 Million online and I want you to help us. 

This is my invitation for YOU to claim YOUR spot at the dinner table with us feasting on the world's FOURTH Industrial revolution. 

...While you still can.

Do you hear that?

It’s the clock ticking...

Just know that every day you wait, you’re losing money...

Because opportunities like this come at best once every three generations.

That means you likely won't get a second chance at something like this. 

Here's what Forbes has to say about this...

Now we've officially entered into the FOURTH Industrial Revolution...

This is the biggest one yet, with the most money at stake.

And it won't last for long. 

Social media has completely transformed the retail market place. 

People are buying things online like never before. 

And delivery systems have finally caught up with consumer demand. Now manufactures have the ability to have their products shipped to consumers on command. 

And that's exactly what my students are capitalizing on.
Ever notice how if you click an online store and browse a few products that you'll start getting Instagram or Facebook ads for it?

That isn't by accident...

You're being retargeted as a potential customer. 

They do this because IT WORKS.

It works so well that it's like printing money. 

So far my students have printed over $3 Million. 

Now, ask yourself this question for a moment...

What if you were the one running the ads?

As you’ve noticed with each industrial revolution, technology has made things MUCH easier for consumers to enjoy life.

And this one is no different.

This fourth revolution has opened a new place in the market for anybody with internet access.

Anybody like you...

You have the chance to make it so easy for customers to buy products that they don't even have to google search them. 

Many times they're even thankful for you because they don't even know whatever you're selling exists yet.

Imagine, it's so easy. You're going to be selling things to people who already want to buy. 

This is the opportunity many previous generations weren't fortunate enough to get. 

Now is your chance to claim some of the BIG money that’s flowing into completely new hands.

Lesson: It's STILL PAYING to unite.

This Is The BIGGEST Transformation Of Wealth In The History Of The WORLD....

In 2018, over $3.4 Trillion worth of products were sold online.

That means consumers spent over $3.4 Trillion with somebody completely NEW.

...Relative to when they bought things offline just ten years ago.

That’s $3.4 Trillion floating into NEW hands.

Ten years ago consumers were likely to go to the mall to buy things when they got their weekly paychecks.

But that’s changed...

Now thanks to this fourth industrial revolution, they’re going elsewhere to buy.

Had you been inside of this mentorship just a year ago...

These Customers Would Have Been Doing Business With YOU!
And they'd be filling your wallet! 

...Giving you the freedom to be completely financially independent from your parents, college, or a job. 

I can’t emphasize how big of an opportunity this is...

It's BIGGER than when Andrew Carnegie pioneered the railroads earning himself $372 Billion.

It’s BIGGER than when John Rockefeller cornered the oil market and owned 1.5% of America’s total economic output.

It’s BIGGER than when Henry Ford mass-produced automobiles creating suburban America.

It’s BIGGER than when Steve Jobs created the personal computer, skyrocketing Apple to a $237 Billion cash pile.

Here’s what Forbes has to say about this...
All of this means...

There are MASSIVE holes in the market place right now waiting to be filled.

By somebody just like YOU!

As you recently saw in the news...

Companies like Sears, Toys R Us or Payless that DIDN’T adapt to the changing consumer demands suffered.

What happened?

They went bankrupt...

In fact...

This is so bad for conventional brick and mortar stores that...

NBC News is calling this a “Retail Apocalypse”
Malls are completely shutting down.

JCPenney, Payless, and Lifeway just announced 3,000+ more store closures.

This news comes after a 92% spike in retail layoffs this year.

Business is bad for brick and mortar stores.

But none of that means that consumer spending is down...

“Consumers aren’t ceasing consumption, they are changing what they are consuming”

...Said financial analyst Mark Hamrick from Bankrate’s.

In fact, This past Cyber Monday consumers spent over $7.9 Billion, the most EVER and up 20% since a year ago.

Welcome To The Age Of Digital Store Owners Just Like Yourself...
My student Ariel catapulted his way to $150k in sales in less than one month...

A few years ago he dropped out of college, now he’s helping his family pay off their bills and moving to Miami...

✅ Trevor had his first $1,000 day within the first week...

He now spends most of his time traveling around the world while working from his laptop...

✅ And Sian got to six-figures in her free time...

Now she’ll never have to worry about planning for life after college again...
Many of my students are about to graduate from high school.They questioned the legitimacy of taking on massive amounts of college debt because somebody else told them that they “needed it” to succeed.

So now they’re carving their own path doing this in their free time.They’re now drinking margarita’s poolside with their computer businesses on autopilot.

Many others students were midway through college questioning their future, unsure and worried about securing a good paying job.

They decided to put an end to the hassle of dealing with job recruiters, and silenced their guilty feelings about having spent their parents college money with nothing yet to show for it. Or worse, they had spent their own money.

Now they’ve become the CEO of their own eCommerce store and “opted out” of the rat race.

And many other students of mine have recently joined the corporate world only to find out that it’s not all that it’s made out to be.They found that it had stripped them of their ambitious creative spirit, and boxed them into somebody else’s agenda.

So they took this on as a “side hustle”...And fired their boss when they realized they were making even more money than him.

Wouldn’t it be cool to cash in like my students are?
Here’s how it works...

By selling other people’s products on the internet ...You could be earning six-figures by next month.

It’s pretty simple.

...Without ever having to invent a product.
...Or manage any inventory.
...Or strategize shipping.
...Or require any coding or technical skills.
...Or pay Amazon any commission fees.
...Or deal with customer service.
...Or the hassle of return orders.
...Or an office.
...Or even a desk.

(if you wanted to invent your own product, this would still work for you too)

Despite retail shutdowns, consumers are still buying..

They just want to buy things quickly. They don’t want to be inconvenienced by going out of there way to get them.

That means they don’t want to drive to the mall to buy a phone case. Or to the store to buy a few boxes of golf balls as a Father’s Day present. Or stop on their way home from work to get a sleeping mask so they can catch up on sleep.

That means when your store is set up correctly...

They’re going to come buy these things from YOU!

You Can Do This From Your Laptop.
...ANYWHERE in the world.

-Your Hometown
-The California coast
-Miami, Florida
-South America
-Puerto Rico
-Bora Bora
-Bali, Indonesia
-Even The North Pole!

Because everything you’re going to sell is shipped from the manufacturer and NOT you.

...All straight to your buyers front porch without you ever seeing it.  

That means without any responsibility on your end!

You're Going To Be "Making It Rain"...

One of my mentors taught me the old law of money...

“Whoever makes it rain, owns the game.”

Manufacturers will pay you to sell their products.

And they’re more than happy to do so because you make them money by selling their products FOR them.That’s why they’re going to be smiling when they write you your first Six-figure check...

...Because you’re making them a lot of money too.

So you can build a future for yourself and become financially indepedent by feasting on the fourth industrial revolution.  

Now before we move on, my only question to you is...

In 20 years, what are you going to tell your kids you did about this?

I Can Promise You One Thing...
Watching Netflix after work isn’t going to get you there.

Playing Fortnite after school won’t either.

Watching Gary Vee’s Instagram videos won’t make you this kind of money.

And neither will working for your boss or doing your homework.

So no more working towards somebody else’s goals.

This is different.

This is all about YOU!

This WILL Get You There...
Wherever “there” is for you.

-building your dream business
-the ski resort
-the beach
-working from home
-financially free
-your own college

But here’s my warning...

The eCommerce “build your own store and make lots of money” trend is not going to last forever.

Because frankly, the competition is growing and the barrier of entry may rise so high that it makes it near impossible to join the marketplace.

So your window of opportunity is closing really fast.

That means you don’t have as much time as you think to get started...


Here's Why You SHOULDN'T Try To DO This Alone...

Amazon owns 49% of the American e-commerce market.

That sounds like a lot.

But I assure you, there is still MASSIVE amount of opportunity to be had.

51% opportunity.

Or $256 Billion of opportunity per year.

For now....

But Amazon doesn’t want to stop there...

It’s keeps growing and is buying out much of its competition to eliminate everyday store owner like yourself.

Jeff Bezos and Amazon now own...

-Whole Foods
-Even the Internet Movie Database
-And more...
In an article asking if Amazon can be stopped from winning this fourth industrial revolution...

The Harvard Business Journal said, “Amazon is the one company everyone’s scared of, even industrial giants.”

Walmart and Target have doubled down their digital storefront investments to keep up and to increase their market share too.  

As you can see, you’ve got to make this happen right NOW, because companies around the globe are flocking to this rare golden opportunity.

I’ll explain the whole process in more detail in a second.

And how my students are avoiding this whole mess by selling things only in certain niches.

But first, before I tell you how all of this works...

This ISN’T a “get-rich-quick” scheme.

As you can see, I have to make this crystal clear...

This isn’t a “scam”.

This isn’t multi level marketing.

(...The last thing I would do is sell you that)

You don’t need any sort of network circle.

This is a proven business opportunity.

A long term strategy.

Like I said, you could be earning five figures easily in less than a month. I

It isn’t rocket science. In fact, I’ve even taught my parents how to do this. Because I love them and want them to experience the finer things in life...

Here's How Simple This Works...
It really is the simplest business model out there.

Because you only have to be involved with ONE aspect of the business...

 The MONEY is in the Marketing!

A manufacturer has a product that needs to be sold.

You market it for them on your website and sell it at a higher price.

(Which you’re going to discover exactly how to do once I flip your marketing switch on.)

Then people come buy it from you on your site.

It then shows up at their house in a few days.

...Shipped from the manufacturer and not you.

And of course...

You’re going to be your customers hero because the purchase makes them happy.

And voila, you get to keep all the profits!

This is the “drop shipping” model.

“This WON’T work for you!”
Maybe you’ve heard this before...

But ask anybody that tells you this if they’ve ever built a drop-shipping store themselves.

And you’ll find the answer will most likely be no.

This is a completely new business model.

So how can they possibly be an expert on it?

Why do they think that they know any better than you do?

Why are they doubting your abilities?

What makes them the almighty ruler?!

As you can see...

You're Going To Make The Haters Jealous...
Because you don’t have the same limiting beliefs about yourself that some of your friends might.

Or even your parents.

You can see opportunity when it calls.

And you answer it.

You bet on yourself.

You believe in your destiny for greater things.

So cheers to all the doubters...

All the coworkers...

All the former teachers...

All the so called “friends”...


One day they’ll see what you’re made of.

And one day you’ll smile when they do.

You need to promise me that you’re going to be committed.

Maybe you aren’t ready for this.

If information alone changed the world...

Americans wouldn’t lead the world in obesity.

Think about that for a second.

That means...

I can’t do this for you.

You’re the only one that can guarantee that you make it to six-figures in less than a month.

Right here, right now, you have to make that promise to yourself.

That you’ll do whatever it takes.

You’re going to have to buckle up...

You’re going to have to take the wheel...

And you’re going to have to follow my GPS navigation system the whole way there...

We can enjoy the view when we get there.
Because it’s true, not everybody has reached six-figures.

As many people that have gone through this mentorship successfully...

...Some didn’t

...Some quit early.

...Some didn’t even try.

...Some didn’t even watch the videos.

And those are the same people that cry wolf that this doesn’t work for them.


It was THEY that didn’t work.

They’ve probably “tried” countless other “business opportunities” too like...

-Affiliate marketing
-Digital marketing agency
-Emails for local businesses
-Selling things on eBay
-Multilevel marketing
-Instagram promoter/ influencer

And just like many people that “go on a diet” but don’t lose any weight, they didn’t make any money.

Or maybe they only made a little bit.

But that’s not you.

You’re an action taker.

You can tell that this is different from anything you’ve ever seen before.

This is a REAL business.

A business that has the power to set you financially free.

All I can do is hand you the torch.
It’s your job to keep the flame alive.

And that means, you’ve got to implement everything you’ll be learning.

You’ve got to be driven.

Like I said this isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme.

This is a business. A business that pays...

Even while you sleep. Even while you vacation. And even while you spend more time with your family.

If you can promise yourself that you’re going to take action then you’ll be fine.

That means you could easily be earning six-figures in just one month.

I’ve done it TEN separate times in the last two years.

Once with my Golden Rose business and once with my business in the Dental niche.

Both of these were one product stores...
And this is my personal invitation for you to join us feasting on Americans FOURTH industrial revolution.

Let’s look at some more facts...

Amazon Stock Vs Sears Stock Since 2007

Sears, the largest pillar and former backbone of American retail just came crashing down.


While Amazon, a company very few had heard about just 10 years ago rose to the top.

... Now the world's most valuable company.


Consumer demands have completely shifted.

...Shifted in your favor.

As you can see, In just the past five years...

E-Commerce has grown to become the largest blue ocean marketplace disruption the world has ever seen.

That wasn’t a typo.

People want to buy things from the internet now.

And that’s good news for you...

Because millions of traditional brick and mortar companies are now scrambling to keep up with this.  

Like Kmart, Toys R Us, Macy’s, JCPenney, J Crew, and Bon Ton.

And those that don’t keep up with the changing consumer demands will be overtaken.

Hopefully by you.

So you can see that there are MASSIVE opportunities for you to have success with this.

And by joining us and claiming your seat at the dinner table...

You’re going to have an unfair advantage against every other competitor on the internet.
I call this the Triangle formula.

Because like a triangle, your success with this really only comes down to three things.

It depends on...

...Being in the right place
...at the right time
...In front of the right person.

That’s where my genius system for Facebook ads come in :-)

And I’m going to install the exact system that we’ve used to generate over $3 Million already, directly inside of you.

So every time you invest a $1 into ads you’ll likely see $3 back.

And it isn’t like it took us a century to generate $3 Million either.

We started this venture just two years ago with no experience.  

So there really is no better time than right now for you to start an ecommerce business.

Other than maybe yesterday.

E-commerce Sales are Forecasted To Grow To Over $4.5 Trillion In Sales By 2021.
Imagine for a second...

What you could do if you pulled in even a fraction of the massive $4.5 Trillion pie.

New car?
Skip college?
Vacation to Bali?
Buy your mom a house?

The forecast shows, all of that is possible...

That’s a whole lot of money floating into new hands.

Many of which, have never seen this kind of money before.

Many of which, are just regular people, no Harvard degree and no smarter than you.

You’re going to make your competitors HATE you...

It isn’t getting any easier for you to run an eCommerce business on your own.

Millions of store owners are struggling on their own with no sense of direction.

But when you join my team of over 347 students...

Here’s what you’re going to avoid:

Many advertisers have seen the price of their Facebook ads go up by more than 127% since 2017.

That means you’ve got to know how to land them with pinpoint accuracy.

And when I take you under my wing, you will.

You’re going to uncover the copywriting skills to ensure that your ads are winners.

Instagram's latest algorithm changes have killed nearly all the platforms organic reach.

That means you’re going to have to pay for your impressions.

(Or at least the average store owners will)

But you’ll soon be learning how to leverage “influencer marketing” to avoid all this.  

And as much as I love email marketing...

Email hosts like gmail have stamped it their duty to make reaching your customers primary inbox as hard as possible.

That means if you don’t know how to get around this...

Abandoned cart emails will go unread.

But I’m going to show you how to make your customers WANT to open your emails.  

Using what I like to call “Psychographic Characterization”.

On top of all that...

There are now 2-3 Million other eCommerce retailers that you have to compete with.

If you don’t have the same “insider” knowledge that my students do...

The other retailers are going to do everything they can to make sure you don’t see a dollar of profit.

Scary right?

Competition is fierce.

But by joining us...

You’re not going to have to worry about any of that.

You’re going to stand outside of the ring and let everybody else fight it out inside.

While they wonder how you’re avoiding every roadblock that’s thrown at you.

Because with the skills you’re going to learn, competition is virtually eliminated.

More good news!

You’re going to skip the months of agony and jump straight into scaling all the way to six-figures.

It’s like I’m handing you the keys to a winning race car and all you have to do is turn them in the ignition.

Here's Why I NEED YOU Now More Than Ever.
When you join us..

You’re going to have everything you need to know to scale to six figure in as fast as you can keep up.

Because first and foremost, I have BIG goals for 2019.

...And I know you're working towards six-figure independence. 

My students have already generated over $3 Million so far with their stores.

Now they’re going to claim their prize and generate over $10 Million this year.

I want to make sure that you have the opportunity to join us on this journey,

So that when we hit the $10 Million number you don’t try to hunt me down and complain that I didn’t invite you.  

Maybe you’ve heard the news already...

Over 3,000+ people enlisted in my five day free training series.

Which is crazy.

Were you one of them?

So far, the feedback has been amazing.

It was the biggest stampede of action takers that I’ve EVER experienced all at once.

And I’m sure that many will go on to successfully start their own eCommerce business with just the free training alone.

If I had to guess it will take them seven months or more to do so alone.

That’s seven months not making any money.

Which is really seven months of losing money.

I want to make you grow seven months faster!

So you can avoid all of the miserable and unprofitable months of trial and error.

Without dipping your toes into the workings of Facebook ads without any experience.

And avoid wasted ad spend.

Without exploring YouTube for hours looking for the perfect “how-to” videos.

So you can have a clear cut plan for you to attack.

Without accidentally implemented outdated strategies.

...And find that you picked the wrong niche and have to start completely over.

Instead, you’re going to enjoy the access to what’s working in real time from a network of insiders.

...When you join all of us.

What I’m offering you is a shortcut to six-figures.

I take it that you’re already serious and committed to starting or scaling your own successful eCommerce business or you wouldn’t be here.

So you can have the wildest and most free Summer you’ve ever experienced. 

And not worry about how to get started.

Or how to properly scale your store up quickly once you find a winning product.

And of course...

So you can do whatever the hell you want with your life! ...Even help your family.

✅ That’s exactly what my student Ariel did.
Two years ago he was unsure of his future as a video editor with no prior dropshipping experience.

He dropped out of college and later took the plunge because he was so frustrated with his current situation.

Here’s what he had to say when I asked him about it...
Then he enrolled in my course.

Now he’s one of my best case studies.

He’s grown his business to over $250,000 in sales in just 2 and a half months.

Not because he was a genius, or a tech wizard, or spent 18 hours a day locking himself in a closet working to scale it.

But because he followed my simple instructions and implemented them, and he wasn’t afraid to invest in his business.

And low and behold...

This past year, he drove all of his friends to Coachella in his brand new ride for the weekend.

Here he is headed to Coachella BACKSTAGE...

I’m not showing you this because I think that it’s all about the cars or vacations or the money.

Because it’s not.

Sure it gives you more freedom. Like being able to help your parents pay owed bills like he did.

And that’s why I’m showing you what’s possible.

But you’re no different than Ariel was or even me. Before we started drop shipping we knew nothing about it.

And we made a lot of mistakes that you’re going to get to avoid completely.

It’s about the freedom to do what you want, whenever you want.

It was never really about the money.

It was about our freedom and the ability to let our the creative spirit run wild.

One of the biggest mistakes that I’ve learned to overcome is...

NEVER letting your fears get in the way of your destiny for greatness.

That’s why...
I Engineered This Mentorship Course To Cut Through All Of The Other eCommerce NOISE Out There
Against all of the fake Instagram accounts bot-messaging you about their “one-on-one coaching” in your DM’s.

✅So you can respond to them with a picture of you on the beach somewhere and tell them you’re already making more money than they are.

✅Against all of the Facebook ads you see about Lamborghini’s, vacations, and girls.

✅So you can finally post your own picture next to your brand new car.

✅Against all of the “mentors” whose only income is from their students.

✅So you can trust me when I tell you what’s working because I’m on the frontlines with you.

✅Against all of the confusion that starting an eCommerce business brings.

✅So you can implement everything I teach you without any worries or guesswork.

Ask any of my current 347 students, there is no “noise” in Next Generation eCommerce.

It’s just a bunch of driven action taking Internet Wiz Kids creating massive opportunities for their future.

And here’s where I differ from most other eCommerce “guru’s”....

I am what many would call a “professor in the practice.”

That means I preach what I practice.

You’re going to know everything that’s working for me in real time.

And be able to avoid everything that isn’t working.

Here’s how my brand new business in the hunting niche is doing...
You'll notice that's $4,723 after four days.

Here’s how my custom wrapped gadget for concerts business is doing...

(Weird something like this can even makes money right?)
When you go through my mentorship program, you’ll find that I install for you ONLY what’s working RIGHT NOW.

And it’s worked to generate over $3+ Million for my students.
In fact, the less you know about eCommerce the better.

Trevor knew nothing about eCommerce before we got started, he was a full time college student.

Much of what you hear on the internet is outdated or just plain wrong.

• Facebook ads?

Much of what worked last year, doesn’t work this year.

• Back end offers?

Even what works this month, may not work next month.

That’s where my weekly live trainings come in.

So you don’t get hit with anything potentially dangerous to your store out of the blue.
If you’re coming into this with a blank slate, this is exactly what you need.

You’re going to have the luxury of not having to unlearn anything outdated.

You’re going to have no false conflicting belief.

And you're going to get the accountability to make sure you follow through. 

This is for you.

If you already know a lot about eCommerce strategies...

I’m going to flip a different switch for you too.

A switch that makes sure that you only deploy into your stores what’s important and what’s effectively working right now.  

So you can grow your business with efficiency.

That means in less than a month.

But before I get into the rest of this opportunity,

I need to ask...
Do You Qualify To Get My Personal Mentorship & Have Me Install The Proven Ecommerce Battle Strategies Inside You?

I don’t have enough time to spend installing this into everyone.

Due to the nature of this mentorship I have to vet this as much as possible to be fair to the ones already inside.

I know that there are many people out there who waste their time surfing Instagram, chasing “shiny objects”, and feel like they’re always missing out.

But I have a strong feeling that’s not you.

You MUST Agree To These Strict Conditions:
• You will only sell ethical products online

• You will use this for the benefit of yourself and others

• You will see your business as an asset and be willing to invest your time and money into it

• You MUST have at least $500 ready to spend on ads to grow your store.

• You will continue to grow even after you hit six-figures without resting on your success

Now even if you qualify to buy this today... you still have to promise you’ll use what you learn.

Sure, buying feels good because it feels like you’re making progress.

But here’s the thing, you can’t just buy this and expect your life to magically change.

It’s only when you actually use my Next Generation eCommerce mentorship, I’ll install into you that you’ll see results.

So if you’re the action taking opportunity taker that I think you are...

Who’s 100% committed to doing whatever the hell you want with your life.

And you agree to the conditions that I’ve laid out...

Then you’re eligible to sign up and join us today.

Like I said before, this is an opportunity to jump into a $3.4 Trillion industry before most corporate companies have even figured it out

And I’m sure those that are already making six figures doing this will tell you...

They’d happily pay upwards of $5,000 or more for this.

But I’m on a mission to have my students earn $10 Million this year.

And that means making this accessible for anybody committed to creating something for themselves.

So you’re going to be able to download everything you’ll need to know directly into your head for much less than that.

So you can get to six-figures in less than a month.

...For a price less than one course at the average University.  

And a price most people would consider a steal.

For The Rest Of Today, You’re Going To Pay Just $497 When You Join The Next Generation Ecommerce Program. 
Next Gen Ecom Just: $497

If you read that and immediately felt the pain of its cost...

Even if for a split second if you felt like you’re not able to afford this...

You need this more than anybody.

Because if you can spare the clothes, the gadgets, and all of the toys right now, you’re going to see the fruits of your labor later.

Every tree begins with a seed.

And good luck comes to the man who accepts opportunity.

It waits for nobody once it’s gone, and it leaves no warning before it disappears forever.

As you’ll learn in this ancient story...

An Ancient tale from The Richest Man In Babylon.
This comes from a book with over 2 Million copies sold.

On page 66, the story goes...

An ancient Babylonian merchant spoke to a crowd about an opportunity from his youth.

He counseled the group saying...

“This story illustrates how closely to a man good luck may approach and how blindly he may permit it to escape, much to his loss and later to his regret.”

Just as the young merchant was starting to earn a few pieces of gold a week, his father urged him of a wise investment.

His Father friend had noticed a barren tract of land not far from the outer walls of the city.

Its elevation was higher than the river where no water could reach it, leaving it dry and unusable.

The plan was to buy the land and to build three water wheels and power them by oxen to bring water to the soil and make it fertile.

It was then to be divided into three herb patches to be sold to the residence of the city.

The young merchant was told to contribute 1/10th of his earnings into the opportunity until the land was made ready for sale.

The father told the young merchant, “It is my deep desire that thou begin the building of a valuable estate for thyself that thou mayest become respected among men.”

But the young merchant passed at the opportunity and let his uncertainty hold him back from proceeding with the deal.

He explained to the group why he did mistakenly choose “material goods” instead.
These were his words...

“Greatly do I desire riches. Yet there are many uses for which my earnings are called. Therefore, do I hesitate to do as thou dost advize. I am young. There is plenty of time.”

He admitted to the crowd...

He hesitated even though his Father spoke to him of the opportunities promise.

He told the crowd...

"There were beautiful new robes just brought from the tradesmen from the East, robes of such richness and beauty my good wife and I felt we must each possess one.”

He justified his decision with this thinking...

“Should I agree to pay one-tenth of my earnings into the enterprise, we must deprive ourselves of these and other pleasures we dearly desired.”

The young merchant learned a lesson that day.

The enterprise opportunity to be more profitable than anybody had prophesied TEN times more.

But he was impatient.

With the profits he could have bought TEN robes.

He told the crowd, “this is how you permit good luck to escape.”

Go forth and into the word and silence your procrastination for action and you will find that luck finds you.

What kind of money stealing “material goods” are holding you back?
Maybe $497 still seems like a lot of money when you can’t see what’s on the other side.

That’s why the young merchant fell through with the deal in the story told by The Richest Man In Babylon.

When the merchant bought his robe, he could see it, wear it, smell it, and feel it right away.

Just the same immediate pleasures that may come when you buy an iPhone, or a Playstation, or Uber eats.

Because those things are real and right in front of you, it’s easy for your mind to justify their worth.

But this is different.

It’s probably not going to immediately pleasure you.

Instead, you’re going to be getting delayed gratification.

It’s a tree that will grow over time.

Like the young merchant’s business opportunity, this information can change your life.

It’s the planting of a young sapling tree.

One that will sprout and feed you many times over the price to plant it.

You can’t wear it...
You can’t smell it...
You can’t feel it...

But you can make a six figure business out of it.

So remember the story from The Richest Man In Babylon.

Remember the advice the young merchants father gave to him.

Remember what happened when he let procrastination steal him from a golden opportunity just like this one.

I tried already, and I CAN’T make this free.

I get asked this question a lot...

“Tanner why can’t you open up Next Gen Ecom and mentor everybody for free?

They always tell me...

“Teach me for free and I’ll pay you when I make money.”

And the reason I can’t is very simple...

It’s the law of the world ...People who PAY, pay attention.

I’ve tried it before in the past where I coach people for free.

And the weirdest thing happens, 90% of the time, they get NO results. When the going got tough, they always quit.

Simply because they weren’t invested.

You don’t value free things.

The students that did pay to get into the Next Gen Ecom program are crushing it right now.

Over 347 students.Over $3 Million generated already. Well on their way to $10 Million this year.

The reason?

They PAID to work with me. And for many, the investment was a big stretch for them. And I applaud them for taking that leap.

They damn sure followed and implemented everything that I taught because of that.

You’ll have no choice but to IMPLEMENT.

There was no turning back because they had their own skin in the game.

The others?

...Left stuck spinning their wheels looking for an “easy button” or a magic pill.

Not going to lie, you’re going to have to do some work.

As much as I do my best to install everything inside of you, you’ve still got to implement it.

And by far the best way to do that is to FORCE yourself to succeed by putting yourself in the cross hairs.

Take the leap.
Put the pressure on.
Make the investment.

You’re going to be surprised what you’re capable of achieving in such a short time span.

And If you’re ready, we’ll start as soon as today...

When you join the Next Generation eCommerce Program, here’s what you’re going to uncover...
• Why starting with the product is the worst way to choose what to sell.

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• Never worry about what to say in your descriptions or ads, the ecommerce copywriting handbook will save your day.

• Secretly attract buyers to your offers using “The Hollywood Psychographic Characterization formulas”.

• Scaling Secrets: Grow past $10k months and finally impress your dates with that “new leather smell” in your brand new ride. (Note: car not included)

• Become a hero, the simple friendly strategy I’ve been using to get fan mail from my buyers.

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•Smash every roadblock in your path with the Roadblock Smasher Hotline

•And MORE...

And here’s the deal...

I’m going to make it impossible for you to say anything but “Yes Tanner, I want in!”

I'm on a mission to get my students to reach $10 Million in sales this year.

So when you join us today, you’re going to also receive all of the following for FREE...

FREE Next Generation eCommerce Bonus #1:
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I’m going to let you in on my “close friends” Instagram stories.

This is where I go behind the scenes of my own stores and products.

It’s an “over the shoulder” view of my current businesses.

So that you know in an instant when things like the Facebook ads algorithm changes.

But more than that I also share some of my life advice.

Like my morning routines, or things I learn from my mentors.

Or how I’m going to donate $100,000 this year to charity.

FREE Next Generation eCommerce Bonus #2:
•Weekly LIVE Accountability Training
Because I’m on a mission to get my students over $10 Million this year...

You’re going to get access to my FREE weekly live calls so that you can ask me any questions you have about your business.

This is also where accountability comes in.

I’m going to know whether or not you’re implementing what you’ve learned.

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This is probably worth the price of admission alone.

You’re going to get access to the Next Generation eCommerce Facebook group.

Where you’ll be networking with hundreds of students with the same ambition as you.

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This is our “locker room” where we share valuable insight with each other.

I expect you to do your part and share things with us that you encounter along your journey. 

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You're going to get access to the most common roadblocks people face along their six figure financial independence journey. If something new pops up that I haven't answered yet, I'll make you a personalized video about it. 

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This is my way of showing you that I'm with you every step of the way, so that we can get to our goal of $10 Million in student sales in 2019. 
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•100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you come to realize that this isn’t what you were expecting, I’ll pay you a full refund within five days.

Just give me a valid reason so I can improve my course.

So what do you have to lose?

You're NOT Going To Find This Opportunity Anywhere Else...
You can’t buy these trainings or mentorship anywhere else.

• You can’t find this on Youtube.
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• You can only receive them right here as one of my new mentees.

Of course, once you activate your Next Gen Ecom program, you’ll also begin to receive my weekly live Q & A calls.

In these calls, you’ll hear about my little marketing “accident” that happened to make me an extra $4,000 over the last two months.

I call this the weird “Youtube trick” because I was scrolling through Youtube comments when I realized that it was working.

If you’re selling in the entertainment niche, you can make even more with this.

Another tip I’m sharing is how I just completely outsourced all of the work for one of my sites and am still taking home 80% of the profits because I set up the system.

I include screenshots and actual live examples so it’s crystal clear for you how I’m doing it.

Here's How To Get Started...
Many of my students would tell you that they’d happily pay $5,000 for this after reaching their six-figure goals.

But if you take advantage of this incredible opportunity today, and the fact that I’m on a mission to get my students to earn over $10,000,000 this year...

You’re going to receive everything included above for only one payment of $497.

Over the course of a year, that amounts to less than $1.37 per day.

If you made $100,000 with this...

The cost to start would be less than .4% of the money you see as a return.

That’s the potential for a 20,000% return on investment.

Can you afford to pay yourself $1.37 per day to start an eCommerce business so you can claim your own stake in the $3.4 Trillion industrial revolution?

Can you give yourself permission to silence your human nature for procrastination just this once and take action on this right now because you know this opportunity is not going to last forever?

Because even though ecommerce is growing quickly, so is Amazon.

And they don’t want to make you a dime with your own store.

But I more than anybody do.

And I want you to help me and my students reach our goal of $10 Million this year.

Here's What To Do Next...
Right now you’re at a crossroads in your life.

You’re going to have to decide what kind of person you want to become.

Because it’s true, your decisions define you.

They make or break you.

They’re the difference between driving to work sitting in traffic headed to a job you hate feeling powerless...

...And conquering your mission to dominate your path to freedom.

It’s the difference between being suffocated by a society that tells you what to do...

...And letting your natural creative spirit fly high above the mountains and making your own decisions.

347 of my students have already decided what kind of person they wanted to be.

Most of them were born like this, long before they met me.

I didn’t have to convince them of this, these things they already knew.

They already bet on themselves.

They already believed they had the skill to learn ANY skill they put their mind to.

They already knew that it’s the start that stops most people.

They already knew they were destined for bigger things than most people.

That’s why they jumped in.

That’s why they’ve made over $3 Million so far.

Will you?

Your Opportunity May Be Gone At Any Moment...
You see it on the news...

Jeff Bezos is coming.

His bohemous of a monopoly may soon make the barrier to entry of ecommerce so high that it’s nearly impossible for you to join.

Luckily, if you take action and join us right now you’re going to be safe from that.

If I find that at any moment it becomes too hard for my new students to start and grow their stores to their first six-figures I will pull this off the market immediately.

And you’ll lose this opportunity forever.

That means an opportunity like this likely won’t come around until the fifth industrial revolution.

With a good chance that it happens again beyond your lifetime.

So you can decide if you want to get in now before this is gone forever.

The World Needs You To Carry Its Weight As A Creator...
Here’s the thing...

I don’t want to tell you how to live your life.

Your teacher’s, parents, friends, the media, and society have all drilled into your head enough how you should be living your life by now.

You’re old and smart enough to know what’s best for you.

Smart enough to know what it feels like to be moving closer to your mission.

So it’s your obligation to decide if this is going to do that for you.

Ask yourself...

“If I choose to buy this...”

•  “Would this likely bring me more clarity helping me to fulfill my destiny for starting my own venture?”

•  “Would this likely move me closer to my goals of being completely self dependent or not?”

•  “Would this likely give me more freedom, power and control in my life or not?”

Will You Decide Once And For All To Fulfill The Destiny of Your Creative Spirit Now?...
Like Jeff Bezos would?

Or Elon Musk?

Or Steve Jobs?

Or Gary Vaynerchuk?

These men who have lived significant lives, are men who never waited.

What are you waiting on right now?

Because “waiting for the right time” or telling yourself “once I have more money, I’ll do this” is what keeps 97% of people trapped in their life of mediocrity.

It’s the same procrastination that keeps them hopelessly chasing the elite 3% of action taking millionaire and billionaire like Bezos, Musk, Jobs, and Vaynerchuk.

So consider one final question...

How would the creative decisive man you truly are deep inside...

..act right now when facing a decision like this?

Because it’s only by acting like a decisive man that permits your creative destiny to fly...

Then you’ll become one.

You are free to take action.

Click the button below now if you’ve decided you want to join the stampede of new entrepreneurs that are already growing their dropshipping businesses.

I can’t wait to get you started.

Here’s to getting you to your first hundred thousand.
Your friend, 
Tanner Planes
•18 Year Old Entrepreneur
•Over $3 Million in student sales in less than two years
•2019 Goal: $10 Million in student sales
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